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What Vegetables You Can Feed Your Dog.

Dogs can eat vegetables like carrots, Broccoli, Kale, green beans and beetroot.

You can also feed your dogs pumpkin to help soothe their digestive system.

BUT NEVER feed your dogs onions, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic or chives.

Always first introduce vegetables in small amounts to test that your dog is 

okay with them.



Great snack since they are low in calories and high in fiber.

Beta Carotene which is converted into vitamin A.

Bonus great for dogs teeth since they are fibrous and hard they can scrape off

plaque as they chew.


Green Beans

Low calorie food loaded with fibre contains important vitamins and minerals.

Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.


Brussel Sprouts

Healthy food for dogs contains Vitamin C, K, fibre and Folate.

Also contains Sulforaphane a compound that may reduce the risk of cancer.



Is safe for dogs to eat and contains high amounts of fibre and Vitamin C but

should only be served in small amounts no more tham twice a week.



Promotes health by providing a low fat treat that is high in Vitamins A

Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Plus if your dog has stinky breath, chewing on

celery can help freshening their breath by scraping off plaque as they chew

and stimulates saliva production.



contains antioxidants, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin A.



If your dog has urinary issues, but want to reap the benefits of leafy greens,

its better to use Kale. Kale has important antioxidants and nutrients like

Beta Carotene's, Vitamin C, Manganese, Calcium and Iron.

You can give chopped up cooked or raw but if given often it's better cooked.



Is technically a fruit, but most people consider it a vegetable. Benefits your

dogs vision, skin, coat and bone health. Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and

Vitamin B6.



Like Zucchini pumpkins are a fruit mistaken for a vegetable. Be sure to feed

only 100% fresh pumpkin. Contains Vitamin A, B, C and E.

Plus because of their fibre content pumpkins are great for regulating dogs

bowel movements if they are constipated or have diarrhoea.


Brussel Sprouts

Healthy food for dogs contains Vitamin C, K, fibre and Folate.

Also contains Sulforaphane a compound that may reduce the risk of cancer.



lettuce is about 90% water and a low calorie snack.



Could benefit a dogs immune system and digestion. Contains Fibre,

Vitamin C, Folate and Potassium. Can be served raw or cooked but avoid

canned only give a few times a month.



Onions, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Garlic and Chives.



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