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Poodle Duck Retrieving and Agility.


In France, the poodle was also named chien canard or caniche, indicating its duck-hunting qualities.

Therefore, from its water and herding roots, it became an excellent water-hunting companion.

Poodles were also used as a guide dog, guard dog, military dog, circus performer, and wagon puller for entertainers.

Its coat was clipped to help it swim, but was left sufficiently long on the chest to keep in warm in cold water.

Some believe that puffs of hair surrounding the tail tip and leg joints were meant for protection during hunting,

but stronger evidence implies that it started as an adornment during the dog’s performing days.

Fashionable women in France carried poodles as elegant companions, as did the French aristocracy,

making it the official national dog.

The typical clip of the poodle was accentuated in France, and there was a concerted effort by poodle fanciers

to perfect the smaller varieties.

In the late 19th century, poodles gained access to the show ring.

Some early show dogs had corded coats which had long matted or thin tresses, instead of well-brushed coats.

This made the poodles look very impressive. But as a style, it was difficult to maintain and the trend ended in the early 1900s.

Soon, the bouffant styles replaced it and became fashionable..


Last picture of poodle enjoying agility.

Agility first was seen at Crufts Dog Show in London, England in 1978 as spectator entertainment between events.

It was patterned after equestrian show jumping events and was such a huge success that the sport evolved

and became the worlds fastest growing dog sport.

The Agility ring allows handler and dog to run full speed, while having to perform accurately

and safely on A-Frames, Dog Walks, See-Saws and a wide variety of jumps and tunnels.

Poodles are especially suited for agility with their athletic abilities and boundless enthusiasm

for playing with their owners.

Any size Poodle can compete, as the height the dog jumps depends on their height at the withers.

Training and competing in agility creates a unique bond between a Poodle and their owner,

as both gain confidence in their ability to negotiate the courses and obstacles.



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