Crosswynds Miniature Poodles

Our Dogs Past and Present

Supreme Champion Crosswynds Full Throttle.

'Charli' (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A' by parentage)

Sire : Aust Ch Reetpetite Justa Cruiser (Black) (PRA prcd 'A')  

Dam : Aust Ch  Reetpetite One Step Ahead (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A')



Aust Ch Crosswynds Without Limits. 'Dallas'

               (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A')

sire : Aust Ch Crosswynds No Boundaries  (Black) (PRA prcd 'A') 

dam : Aust Ch Reetpetite Remember Me (Brown)



Aust Ch Reetpetite Remember Me. 'Meg'


sire : Reetpetite Ltd Edition (Brown) 

dam : Aust Ch Reetpetite Endless Love  (Brown)




      Aust Ch Crosswynds Indulgence.'Fudge'

   (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A' by parentage)

sire : Aust Ch Daktari Atinowis (imp U.S.A.)(Black) (PRA prcd 'A') 

dam : Crosswynds Incognito (Black) (PRA prcd 'A')



 Aust Ch Crosswynds Excess Baggage.

                    'Desi'  (Black)

sire : Aust Ch Crosswynds Wispering Jack (Black) 

dam : Aust Ch Reetpetite Remember Me (Brown)



Aust Ch Crosswynds No Boundaries.

   'Rocco' (Black) (PRA prcd 'A')

sire : Aust Ch Reetpetite Justa Cruiser  (Black) (PRA prcd 'A')

dam : Aust Ch Crosswynds Eclipse (Black)




Aust Ch Super Soniks Highly Explosive (imp Sweden) 'Bond'.

                                  (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A')

Sire : Nwy Ch Fidel Chile  (Brown) 

dam : Super Soniks Typical French Taste  (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A')



Aust Ch San-Jo-Le's Jackson (imp Sweden) 'Jackson'

             (Brown ) (PRA prcd 'A')

Sire : Swd.Fin.Dk.Pl.Nord.Int Ch San-Jo-Le's Audi (Brown)(PRA prcd 'A')

Dam : Swd.Fin.Nord.Int. Ch San-Jo-Le's Evian (Black) (PRA prcd 'A')



(Photo taken at indoor show under lights not true colour

                                                                                         she is much darker)

Aust Ch Crosswynds Classified 'Oreo'

   Brown PRA prcd 'A'  by parentage.

Sire : Aust Ch San-Jo-Le's Jackson (imp Sweden) (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A')

Dam : Aust Ch Crosswynds Indulgence. (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A' by  parentage)




Aust Ch Crosswynds Serendipity (Brown) (PRA prcd by parentage)

Sire : Aust Ch San-Jo-Le's Jackson (imp Sweden) (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A')

Dam : Aust Supreme Ch Crosswynds Full Throttle (Brown) (PRA prcd 'A' by parentage)


Aust Ch Crosswynds Spoonfull Of Sugar (Brown) "Poppins"

PRA prcd 'A' Clear of all miniature poodle hereditary diseases.

Sire : Aust Ch Crosswynds National Treasure (Brown) PRA prcd'A' 

Clear all miniature poodle hereditary diseases

Dam : Crosswynds Brown Sugar (Brown) PRA prcd 'A' by parentage



Dallas 3 months old.

Fudge 3 months old.

Desi 10 months old.                                                                    


Bond 8 weeks old

  in Sweden.




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