Crosswynds Miniature Poodles

New Pet Laws in NSW for High Rise living

As of July 2016 new strata laws come in NSW allowing dogs

under 14 kg to live in high rise apartments.

Sydneys population is set to reach 5 million by next year

after the city gained 84,230 people in 2013/2014.

Sydney metropolitan area absorbing 77% of NSW's

population increase.

The demand for apartment living has increased and with

this a miniature poodle makes an ideal companion.

Weighing under 10kg and having hair (not fur) that does

not molt or smell is something to consider.

Miniature poodles are not yappy dogs and are extremely

easy to train.

Miniature poodles are seen in other cities around the world

living in high rise apartments eg. New York, London, Hong Kong

etc.. to name a few.

NSW is the first state to introduce these new strata title laws

for dogs.



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