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Advantages of Desexing


 If you have brought your dog (pup or adult) as a pet and companion, you should consider having the dog desexed because it can often mean the dog will be easier to live with. Some breeds grow into large powerful dogs and can be easier to control after being desexed.

With practically all dogs, the sex drive is almost certain to present itself as a distraction at some time, however this can be removed or lessened by the simple surgical operation of desexing.

Desexing your dog or bitch does not change their personality, with no apparent difference in behaviour or temperament. Desexing a dog simply means it will no longer be interested in sex.

Desexing a dog does not influence its relationship with people either, except that a desexed dog will accept authority from its human pack members more readily than it would have before the operation. Desexed dogs are often easier to live with.

The best time to desex your dog is six to eight months of age.

The desexing operation involves male dogs having their testicles removed and female dogs having an ovario-hysterectomy (which means that their ovaries and uterus are removed).

The advantages of desexing female dogs are :

   Eliminate common dieases of the ovaries and uterus

   Reduce mammary gland tumors

   Avoid neighbourhood stress caused by female dogs in season for 3 weeks 

   (twice a year) which also causes male un desexed dogs to roam.

   Prevents the birth of puppies and all the risks associated with that.

   Often a female will live a longer, healthier life.

The advantages of desexing a male dog are :

   Reduces prostrate gland and perianal glandular diseases and perineal


   Can make the dog more obedient.

   Can make the dog less aggresive.

   Can reduces roaming and can reduce barking.

   Reduces marking of territory with urine and faeces.

   Often a male will live a longer, healthier life.

Some myths about desexing 

    Dogs do not lose their personality after being desexed.

    Dogs do not get overwight after being desexed, they get overweight

    from fed too much food and not exercised enough.

    Bitches do not need to have a litter or season before they are desexed.

Desexing your dog will also benefit your pocket too, because the registration fee for a desexed dog is far less than a non-desexed dog.


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