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Interesting Dog e-books

             These are some of the e-books we have enjoyed reading.

            Click on the link beside the number to view information

                            on the e-books and buy if you like it.



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Cookbook for Dogs. Easy, healthy recipes your dog will love.

“You will be able to create healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals for your dog...
with minimal time and effort required.

You no longer need to waste your hard-earned money on expensive
commercial pet foods (that are filled with harmful chemicals and additives)...

But instead, you can easily whip up a sumptuous meal for your pet dog…
Anytime you want”

If you have a dog that you are having problems with eating,

this may be the book for you.



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Dog Training Online. Puppy and Dog Training Video's. Access video's anytime.

  • Obedience Essentials (all the basics including off leash recall)
  • Just Puppies (including crate training and stop biting and chewing)
  • How to Solve Dog Problem Behaviors (stop nuisance barking and jumping up)
  • Advanced Lessons & Tricks (advanced Heel)
  • Special videos on Training Older Dogs and Toy Dogs



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Grooming Your Dog At Home and Be A Proud Dog Parent

  Nail Trimming
Cleaning his ears
Clipping his hairs
Complete Skin and Coat Care
Keeping your dog’s eyes clean
Brushing your pet’s teeth
Combating “doggy smell”




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Dog Training Tutor     Dog Training to Stop Behavior Problems...

You'll discover how to stop your dog's behavior problems for good! And obedience train your dog using the fastest and most reliable methods available today!


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