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The Poodle history indicates that by 15th century, dogs resembling Poodles where already in existence

and could be seen in art works and writings.


The Poodle was used as a duck retriever and as a hunter and is still used for the same purposes today.

The dogs’ stylish hair trims that sets it apart from other dogs and its unique conformation has important

functions that are unique to the Poodle.

Its coat protects it from debris when in water and also keeps its skin dry when in water.

It also helps to keep the Poodle a float when in water and keeps the dogs joints and its entire body warm

when it is working.

The Poodles hindquarter is shaved to keep it light so that it can easily swim without too much weight

reducing its speed.

The Poodles history indicates that the Poodle originated from Germany and then it moved to France where it was

recognized as a distinct breed and up to date is known as the French’s national dog.

In Germany the Poodle known in German word as Pudel that means to splash in the water was a study dog that had

two types of coats, was corded and had curls. The Russian Poodle was described as having a greyhound body type.

The standard sized Poodle was made first then the Miniature and then the Toy Poodles were developed later.

It is however not clear if the Miniature and the Toy Poodles were developed in their own rights as dog breeds or

were developed as a result of dog fanciers who were interested in breeding a dog with traits similar to the

standard Poodle.

In France, the Poodles history indicates that the Poodles had different functions.

The Caniche was used for duck hunting as it was a large dog, Petit Barbet which was a Toy sized was a valued pet

that led a stylish pampered life in royal courts and the Truffle dog was used by chefs to find the most flavorful morsel.

An important event in the Poodles history is when it was imported to Great Britain from France and in 1874

the Kennel Club of England registered its first Poodle and in 1876, the Poodle Club of England was founded.

In 1910, the corded, Miniature and Curley dogs were all categorized into different classes.

United States adopted the Poodles foundations that were developed in England when it imported the dog.

In 1886 the American Kennel Club registered its initial Poodle.

The club was later on disbanded and restricted in 1931.

The Standards and Rules of Curley Poodle Club of England were adopted by the P.C.A in United States and

the Standards still apply to all the Poodles.

The Poodles history indicates that to date, the only difference in judgment of the Poodles is the measurement

of their sizes.


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